Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Need Some Cereal?

So yesterday, I open my email to find the following missive from my father. I sat here reading and, as I choked back my laughter, got strange looks from my son. After reading it through once, I reread it, aloud, to Little Squid to much the same reaction. When Mike came out and asked why we were laughing, all I could say was "my parents are up to it again."

"Ya Gotta Believe,"
as told by my father, Larry Centor.

Kids mine --

So we take one of these little walks that end up in ...

How did you guess?


Where there is a General Mills sale.

You buy 2 8.9 0z. boxes of Cheerios for $4.00 [4X (because with a $16.00 GM purchase of selected products, of which aforementioned Cheerios is one, you get a $4.00 coupon good for your next store purchase of ANYTHING)].

Now for the good part. Inside random boxes [1 out of every 10], there is a Discover card good for $5.00, $10.00 or $25.00.

So Mom thinks it would be great to buy 8 boxes, because with the $4.00 coupon it nets out to $12.00.

But wait, while on line she finds a $2.00 Cheerios coupon, so it nets out to $10.00.

But wait, there's more.

Opening boxes frantically, Mom finds a $5.00 Discover card.

Out net for the 8 box is $5.00.

'Great!' you say.

But wait.

'We have to go back to Waldbaum's.'

Can I argue?

So we return -- and buy another 8 boxes, and get another $8.00 coupon.

And go home. The end! Right? Wrong!

Ripping open Cheerios boxes like a raccoon at a garbage fest, Mom finds -- are you ready? -- another $5.00 Discover card, not once, but twice.

Yes, another $10.00, after the $4.00 coupon, making the net on this batch $2.00.

Can you keep up with the math?

Yes, you're right!

16 8.9 oz. boxes of Cheerios for $7.00.

Life is good. No, life is g-r-r-r-reat!

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