Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Help! My son's been eaten by a snake!

And my daughter is just so sweet ...They did some decorating this year ...
and then some sorting and trading of the haul.

Me? I'm a little dizzy and my calves will be sore in the morning.

The dizzy part comes from our Urban Trick-or-Treating where you start on the top floor of a building and work your way down, floor by floor. Since our complex provides "trick-or-treat" posters to put on your door if you want to play, we quickly make our way down the stairs, pausing briefly to see if any doors have the signs up. This leads to us going in an almost constant, tight, spiral as we work our way downstairs.

The aching calves? Hey, we just walked down 42 flights of stairs!

Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Glad the kids had a good time. Love the costumes --- very creative.

We didn't get nearly as many kids this year. :-(

Dave Daniels said...

Great costumes! And I like how the building came together to come up with a solution for the kids. I'll remember this for next year.

Cookie said...

For all that walking up and down stairs, I hope the Squidlings shared with you.

Great outfits again this year!