Sunday, December 06, 2009


Because Cookie asked nicely ...One knitting sheep magnet.

Holding a reminder to make french toast for breakfast.

Because we had a staling loaf of homemade wheat bread.

Which the kids forgot about at breakfast time (the french toast, not the bread).

So we had it for lunch instead.

And froze the extras.

Intending them for breakfast over the next week or so.

Until the microwave oven died.

Oh wait, we toast french toast.

All in all, a quiet weekend.

(And we ordered a new microwave.)

Which I needed after this.

Yes, it means what you think it means.


Mary said...

Oh, no! How terrible. You and the school seemed to be such a good fit.

Penny said...


Cookie said...

So cute! Thank you for sharing.

Oh, honey, I am so sorry.


Kristen said...

Oh dear, I am sorry to hear this.

Susan said...

Oh darlin'...I'm soooo sorry! It seemed like you were so happy there. xoxoxo