Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First Efforts

A 3 yard sampler of twills and tabby-twills.

I threaded the loom with straight twill draw on 4 shafts (let's pretend that I have the language down) and played with different tie-ups and patterns. We did about 3 inches or so of each pattern or until we got bored of it.

We? Yeah, the kids took turns too. Especially Little Squid. He's taken to weaving like a Squid to water. He's enjoying it so much that the next warp is a scarf for him. We will thread the loom in a point twill and he will either pick a single pattern or we will weave it as a scarf-sampler.

(For all those weaving mavens out there, please excuse our wonky weaving. It was our first effort and still needs to be washed, cut apart and hemmed into usable, if interesting, dish towels. Hey, I believe in everything being used, even one's first efforts if possible. The sett was probably too loose for the yarn that I used and there are other issues but hey, we had fun!)


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Dave Daniels said...

That's so great that the whole family is enjoying the loom. You'll find that weaving rally blows away your yarn stash. All 11 skeins of yarn for the sweater might make a nice WOVEN sweater/jacket. Just sayin'...
And what's that science experiment of plastic bottles in the corner? An urban still? Hydroponics? Septic system???