Saturday, March 13, 2010

More Dish Towels

I've been admiring Dave's weaving and absolutely had to try one particular pattern. So, I threaded the loom in a straight twill, alternating white and blue cotton.

Unfortunately, to get the pattern to come out the way that I wanted, I had to beat very firmly, resulting in a rather stiff fabric. (look at the bottom 20 inches)
Then I started playing with different tie ups. The last one (on the left and at the top) is my favorite. It has a nice drape and looks really cool.

I also really like the second from the left but I ran out of white 14 inches in so it will be more of a dish cloth then a dish towel.

Next up, baby blankets!


Dave Daniels said...

That's an incredible amount of weaving! And, soon, you'll be weaving your own handspun. :)

Penny said...

awesome! between you and dave i'm expecting a loom to beg itself into my life soon. you two will be the end of me! ;) (love ya both)

Angi in Ohio said...

Those are lovely!