Monday, August 02, 2010

No Cycling Miles but some Knitting

No miles today but lots of packing and a little knitting.

Several weeks ago I started a Pi Shawl using some pretty purple-grey handspun. My goal was to just knit and knit until the yarn ran out. When I started what I thought would be the last round before the edging, I started racing the yarn. You know (at least the knitters do), knitting faster and faster in hopes of getting to the end of the row before running out of yarn.

I was doing this while sitting on a bed in a hotel in Pittsburgh. On the other bed was my sister, frantically crocheting as if her life depended on it, trying to finish a baby blanket before our nephew's bris the next day.

When I got to the end of the row, I had about 18 inches worth of yarn left. Phew!

My sister finished her crocheting about the same time and, it an act of true sisterhood, I helped her hide the ends.

The next morning I started the edging. And the same scenario (the yarn race) played itself out yesterday as I did the laundry. This time I lost with several inches of edging still to be knit.

Did I lose it? Did I throw a tantrum? No, I calmly (really) took a smaller needle and started reknitting the edging from the dangling end. I'm really hoping that this works!

If you came here today looking for miles, come back on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with stretching out the bit of yarn! Hope you can finish.

Anonymous said...

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