Friday, August 06, 2010

Squid on Wheels: Riding the Erie Canal Day 3

Lockport to Brockport.

(Pictures are slowing uploading from my phone to the Erie Canal album.)

We started out the day with a very nice breakfast at our Inn in Lockport and then took off on the trail. Most of today's ride was off-road, on stone dust path along the Canal We saw many, many lift bridges -- these bridges sit very close to the canal and lift whenever a boat comes by. Each of them has an operator who listens to the radio, waiting for boats to arrive. While eating lunch in Albion, we got to see our first bridge lifting and then saw another a few towns later.

The day was fairly uneventful, with a clear and sunny sky and nice cool temps.

In Holley, we made a short detour to see a very nice waterfall and in Brockport, where we are spending the night, we walked around the waterfront and got some really good ice cream.

Time to get some shut eye and prepare for the ride to Palmyra in the morning. Squidette has already scrutinized the map and figured out where the bathrooms and port-a-potties should be located. Lunch, I think, will be in Rochester.

Total miles for the day: 47

Total miles for the journey: 85

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Anonymous said...

That's a great distance.

I think I would have a serious case of bike-butt! LOL

Looking forward to more pictures!