Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

I do not usually do this but today's Ten on Tuesday fits perfectly!

Ten Things to Bring on Vacation:

1. Bike Shorts -- standard black with good padding. (Pearl Izumi for the gals and Mike, Performance for Little Squid.)

2. Bike Jerseys -- Velowear in yellow and red with our Squid on Wheels logo ironed on. (Velowear is not our favorite but is the only brand easily and inexpensively obtainable in four different sizes at once.)

3. Knitting -- socks for this trip -- enough yarn for 3 pair. Yes, I am overly fearful of having too much knitting time.

4. Geocaching swag (mini socks for us)

5. Maps, guide books and more maps

6. Nuun! (and the water bottles to go with it)

7. Ebooks! Lots of books in a very compact package. No fear of running out of reading material on this trip.

8. Easily schelped games for summer evenings -- Quiddler and Set.

9. Folding Bicycles. Can't have a bike trip without the bikes.

10. The rest of the family. 'Cause it just wouldn't be as much fun without them!


Helen said...

love the list. Am mesmerized at the thought of folding bikes. And I thought I should upgrade to a MPV, perhaps just add more bikes....

Cookie said...