Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back to normal?

It's been a busy week here at Casa del Squid.

Tuesday Mike went back to work (I'd been back for a week), Wednesday the kids went back to school and then Rosh Hashanah started Wednesday night. Wednesday night and Thursday was partially spent in synagogue. On Friday, Little Squid turned 13. Friday night found us back in shul where I blessed the candles and Little Squid sang the kiddush in an amazingly mature and beautiful voice. Saturday ... well on Saturday Little Squid was called to the Torah and now has the official status of Bar Mitzvah. He led the service, chanted from the Torah and Haftorah and made us very proud. We finished off the weekend by riding 35 miles of the NYC Century Bike ride. Without Little Squid. He stayed home and recovered.

(Pile of tallit (in bags) on top of a pillow and next to the oboe. On top, Mike's then Little Squid's and finally, Squidette's)

I went into the week absolutely nuts. Between the start of school (for which I'd spent countless hours in a very hot office the week before) and the personal events of last week, I was functioning on sheer adrenaline. Everything got done and got done well, but I was not my usual calm, collected self.

Little Squid's handwoven (by yours truly) tallis and kippah. Squidette did the embroidery on the atarah (neck band). (Tallis is merino laceweight woven at 12 epi in plain old tabby.)

Now, however, with all that behind me, I feel like myself again. The bike ride helped. I needed those exercise induced endorphins to smooth out the last of the rough edges.
Little Squid playing the oboe with his Klezmer group at his own reception

Tomorrow? Back to normal.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful week for Little Squid. Can we still call him that? Pretty soon he won't be the smallest squid, I'm sure.

I love the oboe. My son played bassoon --- they are both just wonderful instruments.

Cookie said...

Congratulations to Little Squid!

I can't believe he's really old enough for his Bat Mitzvah. /sigh

What a week! I hope this week is much easier on all of you.


Charleen said...

Congratulations to the whole family. The tallis is beautiful and how nice that you both had a hand in it's creation.

Samual said...

The prayer shawl began its life as the Jewish
wool tallit and was originally worn by men in ancient time.