Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Home again

After almost 5 full days away from home we are back. After carefully evaluating my project progress I must confess that I was not paranoid enough. The squid mittens are finished and the sweater is lacking 3/4 of a sleeve. I will finish that tonight and take nice photos of both finished projects in daylight on their intended victims. The Squid Sock (s) have almost an entire foot and I am just about ready to start the tentacles. That said, yes, I did have more projects then I needed but only another days worth or so. I think the buffer should be a little larger since I lost about 2 hours of knitting time while futzing with the GPS.

On the Geocaching front, we introduced two sisters to the activity (one on each side of the family) and found 3 caches out of 5 intended. My sister proved very adept in spotting each of the two that we attempted and Mike found the third. All in all a good series of hunts / hikes and we saw some really neat stuff while searching. Both failed caches still had nice views and one yielded some cool icicles. The two NH caches were hikes and also yielded wonderful sights like the iced over stream where you could still see the water flowing below the ice. We also saw evidence of ... Bigfoot?

(We do know what really made the prints but I'll only tell if people guess.)

We had nice visits with the family and some of us learned how to ski. Others ... well lets just say that we will try it again, one of us willingly and the other ... because I said so. (Sometimes a mom's got to do what a mom's got to do and if I am trying again, so is he.)

Now I am settling in for a quiet night of games with the kids (unexploded cow) and then knitting to a chick flick (yet to be decided) while Mike is off at a concert.

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