Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New Project

I have decided that I need a new sweater. It has actually been a few years since I knit a sweater for me so I figure I am due. I am also resisting knitting baby things. There are two people close to me who are expecting and I so want to knit for them. However ... I have a strong Jinx mentality (also known as not wanting a "kinahura" ) so I do not knit. I also try to even avoid thinking about knitting for small ones. Instead I am trying to channel my urges into large things such as Gloucester from Jean Frost's Jackets. Mike and I flipped through the book last night and I let him choose the jacket. I find that I look much nicer when I let him chose my clothes. This afternoon I hit Knitty City and Pearl helped me choose the colors as pictured below.What do you think? The main color is a pale purple. The jacket is on the right.

For those keeping track, yes, I have purchased A Lot of yarn since I started this blog. Those purchases, however, follow almost two years of light yarn acquisition so I do not feel so bad. I will yarn diet again -- maybe over the summer.

Meanwhile, Squid sock the second is now ready for the heel tentacles. I managed to get the first half of the heel knit at Starbucks with the Upper West Side knitters this evening. Mary was there and admitted to being the anonymous commenter two days ago. She points us to this adorable Squid Hat. I think I will have to make it for my DBIL's kid ... But it has to be born first!

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