Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Back to Work

Gee, I titled another post with this -- probably right after mid-winter break -- oh well, I think it is o.k. to reuse blog titles. After all, the title is the hardest part. Right?

Please remind me to stay in bed on the Monday after a school break. Inevitably I walk in to ... you really do not want to know what. From now on I will not even pretend to do anything other then collect "what the contractors did this weekend" data on a Monday. This will apply for the next 2 years. Blah. (FYI, my school building is undergoing MAJOR renovations and I am the point person for all complaints from the staff regarding the contractors and visa versa hence the throwaway comments about contractors and such. At least until the renovations on my apartment start in July. Anyone want to adopt me?) For the record ... Things are much better then I initially feared ... so far.

Here is the first Pomatomous sock and the next plain sock. Much progress was made on the plain sock during a lovely clarinet and piano concert that I attended on Saturday.My foot is mostly better -- still a bit achy in work shoes but fine in sneakers / hiking shoes. I am grateful for small things like this. While sitting with ice on the injured limb, I did much web shopping and am now waiting for a too large shipment from Knitpicks. The Palette sampler box caught my eye and then my credit card. I am knitting as fast as I can in anticipation of soon being overwhelmed with LOTS of yarn.

Happy knitting!

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