Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Reality has set in and I now understand that no amount of prayer will provide me with the amount of yarn needed to complete my mitered sweater at the size I am aiming for. I could order more roving for it but then I would have to immediately spin it and that is too far removed for me right now. Instead, I will wait until October and purchase the necessary rovings at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival. In the meanwhile, I am swatching this:
The yarns are handspun Jacob (the darker) and ???. The Jacob was spindle spun on my walnut Emily mostly while riding the stationary bike and doing laundry (not at the same time). The ??? was purchased last year at the Connecticut Sheep and Wool festival and spun at a low ratio on my minstrel. Both yarns were triple plied on my Journey Wheel. There is about 1200 yards of the Jacob and an undetermined amount of the mystery -- it has 4 skeins so far and 2 almost full bobbins with a third about to be started, still in progress.

I have spent much time looking for a pattern for the Jacob and finally settled on Woven Weekenders from Knitter's Winter '99. I like the way the two yarns are working together and think that this will be a keeper in whatever the gauge winds up being on these needles. I will adapt the pattern if necessary because I like the fabric.

Meanwhile, I have added "Parking Lot Manager" to my list of duties at work and today figured out how to free a blocked car without actually moving the car doing the blocking. I guess all those hours of playing games of a similar nature finally paid off. So, now we have in my job description: Squirrel Catcher, Construction liaison, Parking Lot Manager, Lock Picker / Lock Clipper, Elevator Operator ... (We will ignore the more mundane titles that actually occupy 90% of my time. Only the funny ones count.)

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