Friday, April 28, 2006


O.k., this isn't yarn but I liked the look of this pile of petals and new grass that I passed on my way to the post office to pick up this:

On top, some Knitpicks undyed yarn for Dye-o-rama and some of their Dancing sock yarn in the Rhomba colorway. This will become socks for the Female Child. Below is the entire Palatte collection purchased in order to push the order over the $40 minimum for free shipping. Yeah, right. I am thinking that this pile is all I need for our trip to Kentucky and Indiana this summer. Think of the socks and mittens I can knit! How many different variations on a squid theme do you think I can get?

Female child is practicing her yarn defending skills ... Mine!

And today we end with a simple Poem since today was Poem-in-Your-Pocket day at my school. (The adults appreciated this but my students did not grasp the subtlty.)

Elephants, by Male Child


For some poetry written by my Female child, click here.

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