Monday, May 01, 2006

Dueling Violins

Well, maybe they weren't dueling but they were playing beautifully. Above is the Male Child . His piece was a Gavotte in G minor by Bach and he was amazing! The kid started out just fine and then went a bit wonky. That, apparently was not his fault, as his E string suddenly went out of tune. He tried to compensate and was doing a pretty good job when his teacher stopped him and retuned the instrument. He then started over and played practically note-perfect!

Female Child (not pictured as the photo made her look like the devil) closed the individual portion of the recital with Concerto in A minor 3rd movement by Vivaldi. She was wonderful! So much so that she made her grandparents cry. Standing there, looking poised and beautiful and playing a difficult, long piece as the closing act (always the most advanced student) she created lovely music and even managed to smile though her heart was pounding with nerves.

When we made the decision to have children neither of us had any idea that two brief expressions of our love for each other would result in these young beings who provide us with so much love and joy and pride every day of their lives. After marrying Mike, deciding to reproduce was the best and smartest decision of my life. And, I could not have the latter without the former.

Hug those you love and hold them tight tonight. One never knows what tomorrow will bring.

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