Friday, May 05, 2006

Knitting content

On top, Female Child's summer sock in Dancing Rumba. It looks really narrow but fits just fine when I make her try it on. This is my "blog surfing" project and it sits on my lounge chair for progress during other people's long and interesting posts.

On the bottom, Woven. I decided to go with the first swatch -- garter stitch for the Jacob yarn -- and am really happy with how it is progressing. It makes me feel all warm and cozy just to knit it.

I am hoping to play with my Dye-o-rama project today. I have an idea for doing self striping without first winding to a warping board. It may be an utter disaster but I have to give it a try. The thought of the huge skeins scares me.

The Advanced Placement exams are now half over and I am so glad. My feet and legs were so tired last night that once I sat down I did not want to get up. Thinking about it later, I realized that the AP period is a warm-up for summer. Over the summer I walk miles and miles in sneakers and sandals. During the AP period, I walk miles and miles in dress shoes. For the Calculus exam, add lots and lots of stairs as I walk back and forth from my office to the church basement across the street. This year I wore heels for the Calculus exam. (Stupid, I know, but I had a meeting with some VIPs in the middle of it all.) My office is almost 2 blocks (0.1 mile) from the test room and up one flight of stairs. I go back and forth at least 3 times for each test ... I could go on but just trying to add up the milage exhausts me. The point is, I think, that it is more tiring to walk the milage in dress shoes (thin Enzo flats for the most part) on hard tile-over-concrete floors then it is to walk the same milage in sneakers or comfy Mephisto sandals.

I love my job but I am always happy when the APs are over. Not only is the walking exhausting but I hate seeing the kids all stressed out. If you know a kid going through this -- again, I suggest Ice Cream.

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Ann said...

What a great multi-tasker that you are. It's always interesting to see projects unfolding when everyone posts photos on the web. I am always inspired and I have picked up some great ideas checking out blogs.