Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Small Things

She may not knit but boy can she sew! Below is my pride and joy holding her latest handmade stuffed animal -- Sparkle.
On my own project front, I have nothing finished to show. The second Summer sock is coming along as is the second Plain Sock. Absolutely no progress has been made on Pomatamous in over a week due to very little playground time this past weekend. Woven is progressing nicely but is not really exciting to show. I still have several inches to go before the arm holes. I did decide to knit the body all in one piece instead of dealing with having to match patterning later.

I have decided that the striped socks will not go to my sister-in-law (sorry Andrea) but will go to someone I have never met who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I have no idea if they will fit but since they are made for a women's medium ... I can always hope. I know her husband and he seems to be a good man -- no one should have to go through this and if she can do so with warmer feet ... so be it.

And now I must figure out how to word the note I want to go with it and then comb my closet to see if I have some toys for their kids ...

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