Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bits of a Weekend

So, if you finally save a post that has been languishing in draft status, it posts underneath any posts that have come since. That, or blogger is just playing games with me. Anyhow, if you are interested in a well thought out, partial piece on song lyrics, go down two posts. I say partial piece because I think I have a lot more to say but I started it before work one day and have not been able to pick up my train of thought since.

This weekend, as I predicted, was all about Halloween. I therefore have no knitting to show and hence another week without a Sunday Sock post.

Saturday was spent sewing miles and miles of red fabric for Papa Squid's costume. I have finally mastered the art of "superhero" brief construction. Getting smart for a change, I found the Batman briefs and copied them. The Batman brief were a bit cobbled together but had a decent final shape -- this year's red briefs went together very quickly and look very good if I must say so myself. Those and a properly hemmed cap -- no ragged rolling edges on costumes this year -- make for what I think is a decent looking costume. The rest of the costume is of purchased pieces (unlike Batman) and an iron-on logo. Fortunately, the character in question wears dark glasses. I say fortunately because of this: While riding in Central Park this morning Mike encountered a Road Runners race. He kept to his lane but at least one runner did not keep to the race lanes and veered in to the bike / recreational running lane running in to Mike on his bike. Fortunately, Mike was going slowly at the time and was able to stop himself without falling. His glasses got jammed in to his face, hence the black eye. The runner then proceeded to pummel Mike and yelled at him. Mike did not lose his cool and other runners stopped and pulled the irate runner off of him. After pedaling on to the race headquarters, the incident was reported and the race medics checked him out. Blah.


Jess said...

So much for a nice ride in the park. I hope you're feeling better Mike!

Ann said...

Ouuuuuuuuuuchhhhhh..that looks like it hurts a lot!

Definitely a battle scar..sorry for the injury.


Elizabeth said...

I've had cars try to run me off the road when I was cycling, but never a runner. That's bizarre. Also Ouch!

KnittyOtter said...

OMG!!! >:O

That is MESSED UP! Poor Mike.


I hate it when stupid people get all weird like that. I hope it stops hurting soon and the bruise goes away quickly.



Cookie said...

Poor Mike!

Talk about crazy people. o.0

Susan said...

Yikes, what a thing to happen. Fast healing, Mike!

cat said...

I tell you some people. While at SAFF on Saturday we a lot of very rude people. Says a lot to me when I meet very rude children, I believe they come from these rude adults. LOL Oh well I stopped by to tell you I found a free pattern that reminded me of you it is too cute.