Friday, November 24, 2006

The Day After

... is when you forget until the next holiday that you need: more serving utensils, a much larger table cloth and a pretty glass pitcher for water. Since today is Black Friday, I am unlikely to try to obtain these items. We may, however, try to obtain a new fire extinguisher (no, we did not exhaust the last one, it is just really old) and a new ceiling fan/light for Little Squid (lucky we didn't have a fire because of the old one ... then we might have had need for the extinguisher which was so old that the charge was probably gone). Those involve Home Depot which opens in a mere hour and should not, I hope be subject to the Black Friday masses.

Meanwhile I leave you with images from yesterday.Yes, that is Big Bird's head and tail in two of the photos -- we ventured out to the turn-off area from the parade for a few minutes.

Thanks to Ann and Susan for the sweet e-cards. You got my day started right!

Happy Black Friday All!


KnittyOtter said...

Happy Birthday!!

& Late Happy Thanksgiving!

You get to go the the Parade?! So cool! :D

Looks like you all had a great thanksgiving.

I hope today is great too. :D

Cookie said...

Happy Birthday, Mama Squid!

Good luck remembering you need before the next holiday gathering.

Anonymous said...

How cute is our family? My pictures will be emailed. You can do with them as you please!

Thanks for a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and a nice change from dining hall garbage. Talk to you on your birthday!

Sister Squid -- can we chagne that?

Jyoti Puri said...

Mama squid,

You are even more beautiful than you were in IS25

Lunch Buddy