Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Giving Up

I decided that it is time to give up on trying to keep Squidette small. The smushing does not seem to be working so well , she keeps growing out of her clothes ... and now she is doing as much growing "out" as she is growing "up." So instead, Papa Squid and I have decided to concentrate our efforts on keeping Little Squid little. We figure that our efforts with Squidette were defeated because we were also working on Little Squid and so everything we did was diluted. Today starts the first day of this new campaign. I'll let you know how it works.

[Note: Papa Squid had already started a campaign of slow starvation as so far he has forgotten to make lunches twice in the last two weeks.] [As Squidette is pointing out, his campaign is doomed to failure since Little Squid is perfectly capable of slapping a few pieces of salami on some bread and Squidette wields a mean peanut butter knife.]

Yesterday was Parent Teacher conferences at Little's school. His teachers told me that he is a pain in the tush and should be kept at home ... oh wait, that's not right ... no, only good things came out of the conference. Why is it that teachers see your kid through much clearer eyes? Why is it that my kid is a different (just as good) person at school? I guess he isn't really different but it is interesting and nice to hear their take on him.

Papa Squid does the middle school today -- partly so that he can pop in on some of his old teachers. We expect to hear more wonderful things about Squidette.

Hope your day is full of good news!


KnittyOtter said...

*snicker* You realize you and the Papa Squid are doomed.

Have you seen the play Into The Woods? Y'all might want to check it out. Trust me these things never work out.


Cookie said...

Oh my...

Ya know, he's going to be jealous that his sister is allowed to grow up and he's not.

I think non-family memebers see more clearly because they are not blinded by love.

Susan said...

Sorry, but I don't think this is going to work. *L*

And it seems to me that there are periods in their lives when once they start growing up, it happens at an alarming rate. eek!