Sunday, November 12, 2006

Knitting Made Me Tired?

How could a day spent knitting be so exhausting?

The day started with the deposit of the squidlings at religious school by yours truly. A quick trip to the local bagel store for a cuppa and then back to the car for breakfast and some quality knitting time. Knitting was interrupted for a brief walk to obtain NYC swag and then some more knitting time while waiting for the squidlettes to come down from their classes.

Another walk, this time with Squidette, and then lunch with some knitting on the side. Finally, an afternoon of mitzvah knitting where this Squid actually only knit about 5 rows. Several others, however, were brought in to the fold, problems were solved and at the end of the day, 35 completed blanket blocks were completed.

The project was deemed a success with most promising to drop their completed blocks later in the week. Many asked for the day to be repeated so we will try to find a way to do this once a month or so during the later religious school session on Sundays. It is a good way for the moms to pass 2 hours while the kids are learning and those early session folks can just stay on for a bit.

The real heroine of the day ... Squidette. She served as a third co-leader running errands, winding cakes of yarn and helping the younger set learn how to knit. We could not have done it without her.


Ann said...

Like mother like daughter? It sounds like a tiring..but worthwhile day.

Susan said...

Who will get the blanket? Sounds like Squidette really saved the day allowing y'all to get more done.

KnittyOtter said...

What a rewarding day of knitting! :D

Cookie said...

Sounds like a lovely busy day.