Friday, November 17, 2006


Lesson learned ... do not lift weights while angry. The result of trying to channel my anger ... a very sore "wrist." (It is actually a different part of my hand but in the same basic area.) I know I did not seriously damage it but I does hurt and certain actions are painful. I was good and really babied it yesterday -- lots of aleve and ice and very little of anything else, including knitting and spinning. Knitting is not one of the activities that hurts but I am trying to be smart here so it will heal faster. I am even typing one handed. Worst ... it is my right hand and I am a rightie. Blah.

At least it gets me some sympathy at work. I had to meet with the contractors yesterday and I am rather miffed with them so ... I let them think it was their fault. (It wasn't, I was angry at something else at the time ... the contractors have never made me so made that I needed to work off energy.)

This means that my dear new-niece's blankie is sitting waiting for its edging and the violin teacher's gauntlets are still rather gaunt.

On a positive note, on Sunday Squidette's knitting needles (circs that were her grandmother's) and knitting disappeared. Yesterday the needles were returned with a note saying that they had been turned in to the Synagogue with two completed blanket blocks! Very cool.

Now off to work where I will hopefully contain my frustration without injuring myself!


KnittyOtter said...

The Knitting Fairy completed two squares for her? *L*

I didn't even think Dave got out that way. ;)

I hope your wrist feels better soon.

Anonymous said...


I hope your wrist feels better soon and that whoever made you mad gets what they deserve.

Ann said... made me hurt just reading about your wrist. Keep babying it...

Susan said...

I wondered where you were. And you were here all the time, I just needed to reload. So, I'm hoping by now that your wrist is feeling much better. Lifting weights in anger is better, I suppose than putting your fist through the wall.