Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Into the Fray

If you have any interest in NYC educational politics, try this article and this news report. Yes, it is my school. Personally, I spent the morning learning all about the new funding formulas and how to properly administer our budget for next year. Then, I went to a luncheon and spent the next three hours happily chatting with a really good friend and doing a bit of networking. Always interesting to find out how other schools run. My category of administrator has been essentially cut off from meetings since the big reorganization 4 years ago. They think they are saving us time by not holding meetings but in my opinion, the occasional face to face meeting accomplishes a whole lot more then emails and phone calls. The ability to network and hear what problems others are having is very educational. And hey, I am an educator so educational is good. I'm not asking for tons of meetings, just one every couple of months or so.

O.k., I've done it again. I joined another swap. Last year I did the Knitters Tea Swap 2 and had a wonderful experience at both ends so I figured I'd try it again.
I also signed up for Summer of Socks. No commitment except to knit socks. I can do that!

And since I still have not figured out how to add buttons without first sticking them in a post ...
I'll link to them when I finally stick them in the sidebar.


Cookie said...

Oh goodness...

I wondered if you were going to join again. I hope it goes well for you this time around, too. *hugs*

Ina said...

Half a million dollars in funding lost. Ouch.

Susan said...

heh, you already know how I feel about those reports.

I was too late to join the tea swap. My wallet says thank you LOL.

I'm impressed. I never did learn how to put buttons in the side bar.