Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sweet Home Indiana

I love Indianapolis. I truly think that it is my second favorite city. Where else can you get great biking and a State Fair that you can pedal to? (And get $1 off admission for doing so!)(Let me know if you know of anywhere else like this, we might have to go there.)We started our time in Indy by eating dinner with my wonderful "kid" brother and his equally wonderful bride. They introduced us to L'Enorme Frittes at Brugge. Mmmm ...
The following morning, however, we were distressed to see that our activities of the previous evening had aroused the suspicions of the local secret service -- look at them surrounding our poor minivan. We are unsure what we did to offend them as they never actually spoke to us but it was kind of freaky. (Yes, we know that the secret service does not really use that kind of car but having 5 of all of the same car surrounding us was still kind of weird.)
We then did a spot of geocaching before heading out for a ride and a visit to the Indiana State Fair.
At the fair we found lots of fried food. Mmm ...and really large things.

Like this chicken
and this bunny (which we think ate a snake, it was sooo large and kind of snake shaped)
and the world's second largest boar ...
right next to the world's largest boar!
There were very large wheels for those who needed to roll ...
and very large shoes for those who chose to walk.
Of course there was the extra large shoe lace to go with the extra large shoe ...which might belong to this guy.
Of course such a large guy needs his vegetables equally large.
For some reason, the sheep were normal size but seemed to be embarrassed about it, hiding their shame behind these masks so we should not know their true, puny identities.These horses were also normal sized though they seemed huge to us. My brother was bothered by the fact that he was the only one applauding for the ribbon winners.

There were of course rides for the small ones.
Yes, they are wearing John Deere hats.
And Papa Squid joined Squidette on the flume. No pictures of Mama Squid braving (or cursing) on the roller coaster with the thrill seeking pre-teen. (Actually there are photos but they are still on Papa Squid's camera -- you 'll see them in a day or two.)

Finally we pedaled back to lil' bro's place for a relaxing meal of pizza and some jigsaw puzzling.

Saturday dawned cloudy but your intrepid Squid prevailed and grabbed my fearless brother for a bike ride. Poor Josh is not a cyclist (though a fantastic athlete otherwise) and was a bit saddle sore for this second ride. He pushed and persevered and did manage to keep up with us for 20 miles of Indiana goodness. I love a nice flat state!

Lunch was burgers at Bub's ...
and then back to bro's to find a feeling better sis-in-law and a yummy dinner of lamb, orzo and Indiana corn. Yes, I am feeling somewhat fat today.

Tonight we are in West Virginia and tomorrow, if all goes well, we will be back in our beloved NYC. Yes, there is much knitting to talk about but see if you can wait until we get settled back in. There is also a couple of really neat photo series still to come once Papa down loads his photos.


Susan said...

That car pic is really rather scary! But the trip to the fair..and those fries..make me really want to go to Indiana,

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the little sheep ears poking out of the sheep shrouds.

As for the secret service's a covert operation.

SJ said...

Do you think the secret service was there to put those sheep into the witness protection program?

Mary said...

It looks like the Squid Family had a nice, BIG time!

Penny said...

Looks like lots of fun. I now know a foot I definitely don't want to knit for!

(poor minivan!)

Anonymous said...

Uh, those boars are huge. Almost all the photos had something big in them, I just noticed. Looks like you had fun!

But what were the "Elephant Ears"?

- MJ