Sunday, September 30, 2007


Yes, this is a "knitting" blog and to prove it ...Child's First Sock from Vintage Socks. Modeled by the owner, the lovely and growing-too-fast Squidette. The yarn is something she picked out in Lancaster last year. A locally dyed product obtained at Labadie Looms.

Now on the needles, a plain sock for Little Squid -- also growing far too fast.

Our recent visit with every piece of clothing that we own revealed that most of their handknit socks were too small and so ... mama is knitting for them. Little Squid is getting Cabin Cove socks from yarn intended for ... someone else. Knitting it for larger feet, however, would require my digging through the still buried stash on the balcony for my heel and toe yarn and so, Little Squid is getting the good stuff. I'll just have to order more. Aww shucks. (Also, the Cabin Cove was readily at hand while the rest of my stash is buried under bags and bags of stuffed animals.)

For those of you concerned about the trauma of tossing half my stash, please note that I am not upset about it nor am I looking to replace it. I am still sticking to my goal of more yarn out then in each month and am not counting the tossed ones against the total. Nope. Not doing it. September is ending net negative 5.5 balls of yarn and I hope to knit up another one or two before Rhinebeck. I also hope to put Dave's wonderful roving on the wheel later today if I can gather up the energy to spin.

I did finish plying my alpaca yesterday and hope to skein and wash it today -- and then figure out which issue of Interweave Knits has the Flower Basket Shawl as that is what I think the alpaca wants to become.

And there you have it, knitting and spinning here at Squid Knits. What a surprise!


Anonymous said...

Squidette's socks are beautiful!

Susan said...

Beautiful socks for a beautiful young woman. What freaks me out with The Girl is her face. Sometimes she just looks all of a sudden so much older. Then...she'll get the giggles and I feel much better.

Dave Daniels said...

It sounds like you have a good grip on the fiber issues around there. I'm doing pretty much the same thing of using more than purchasing. It's almost even at this point.
And the roving will spin up nicely. I have some of the original batch of the same color, and have about 2 ounces in singles spun already. Nice and dark with some highlights.