Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Back in the Saddle Classroom

Last week a colleague was unexpectedly ill and needed an emergency coverage. I ran up, figuring that I would hold down the fort until some one could be found to do it. When I got there I discovered that the class was my subject and I called off the search for a covering teacher. Practically grabbing a kid's notebook (but not really) I asked them what they were up to and proceeded to do a review / elaboration of the digestive system. I had a great time and they seemed to be into the whole, letting me amuse myself, thing. So, the next day, knowing that the teacher was going to be out again, I told the scheduler to put me in for that class and, this time using her prepared sub-plans, once again taught a subject that I absolutely love.

She's going to be out again on Friday. The kids have a test on Thursday so she is letting me start a new unit. I am SO excited!!! Oh, and the feedback to her from the kids was that they liked me and enjoyed the classes. They thought it was funny that I was enjoying myself so much.

For some reason I just clicked with this class and was able to step right in -- and they let me! I'm practically dancing around I am so excited about teaching a double period on Friday. It is almost disgusting how happy and excited I am to have to plan a lesson and teach it. Yes, I've been out of the classroom far too long.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like maybe it's time to get back to the classroom (at least once in awhile)

Susan said...

A teacher that loves to teach. What a wonderful concept!:) I'm happy for both you and the students.

Penny said...

I agree with Susan and Dee. How wonderful!! Yay! Though I'll add, time to get back in the classroom, but not to observe, but to teach!

Ina said...

Glad you're having a blast. I wish I had had teachers who were excited to be teaching.