Monday, October 08, 2007

Bopping Around Brooklyn

Each time we set out now, it is with the knowledge that this may be the last ride of the season. With Squidette starting band on Saturdays and Little Squid in religious school on Sundays, there will not be much time. Maybe, just maybe we will get in some paired rides -- Mama and Little / Papa and Squidette or visa versa. Time will tell.

Today, however, it was all four of us heading back to Brooklyn for a "not insignificant" ride, to quote Papa Squid.

We started out by making our way to the Williamsburg Bridge and crossing it, this time without tears. (Last time, a smoke condition stung my eyes so badly that I was in tears for half of the bridge.)

Wending our way along the waterfront, we finally wound into Red Hook and secured some sustenance at the Brooklyn Fairway and had a lovely snack on the waterfront behind the converted warehouse that houses it. View from Fairway
Right behind it we found three old trolley cars on a bit of preserved track. One of the cars is obviously being refurbished. I hope that these spell the start of a totally renovated Brooklyn waterfront. It could be so nice.
Also on view were Ellis Island (squint really hard and look a bit to the left)
and the Statue of Liberty in full frontal view.
(She's that white looking thing in the center of the frame. Yes, I was zoomed to the max.)

These bricks are all along the preserved trolley tracks. I found them fascinating.
Red Hook warehouse.
Remains of a warehouse.
Remains of a loading station adjacent to the remains of a warehouse.

And then we found our way back to Manhattan, via the Manhattan Bridge and on into Chinatown. This time I had my camera on my bike and periodically pressed the button without aiming and looking like a tourist.
It is these shots that I feel give the best taste of Chinatown without showing the crowds.
Unfortunately our favorite frozen dumpling place was closed again and I think it may have moved. There was a sign on the front but it was in Chinese and I did not understand it.

Total mileage for a "not-insignificant" ride": 21.1 miles. This, by the way, bums out the kids as they can no longer view 20 miles as a long ride.


Dave Daniels said...

Hey, thanks for the great tour of Brooklyn. I've always wanted to get over there for a look around. It doesn't look SO bad.

Debby said...

Yes, thank you once again for a wonderful tour! I learn so much from your rides. Hopefully the weather will stay nice and you'll have a few more rides together.