Saturday, October 13, 2007

Building Blocks

Shortly after I started teaching, the powers that be announced that a mall would be going up across the street from our school. That was over 12 years ago.

This is the garage. Look at this thing. They haul in the pre-cast concrete pieces on huge trucks and add a few of them each day. Yesterday I saw one of the corner pieces on a truck. Backing up. And honking at me to get out of the way. Glup!

I am amazed at how this building is going together like a giant puzzle. Look at the corner and how the size pieces interlock. Amazing.

We will forget about the huge amounts of noise that the construction site generates -- less now that the pile driving is done. When it is done there will be a Home Depot, a Target and other, as yet unnamed stores. They will also be responsible for restoring some stuff on our side of the street as they were supposed to be done before our construction was done and now they are slated to be done well after our contractors are gone. Their part includes replacing some trees that were lost to their cranes and such and other stuff that I just do not remember right now. Maybe replacing our sidewalk but I could be wrong.

Should be interesting.

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Kristen said...

Now that is literally a Big Box store.