Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Presents In
(Pretty tea canisters from my big sister, CD from Mike and poem from Squidette)

Presents Out(Envelope containing b'day and chanuckah presents to big sis and nephew, box containing, very belated, b'day and, early, chanuckah, presents to youngest niece.)

Tomorrow, an ode to my big sis.


Josh said...


Will try to ring you later...I have class until 9, so if I can get a few minutes during a break, I will call!

The card will soon follow.

The cardy-tard sender

Susan said...

Happy Birthday! I would love to say that your birthday packet is in the mail. Alas, it's still in my work bag but it's getting closer! And..truly every day should be a celebration of you (hoping you buy this excuse!)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

Dave Daniels said...

Happy Birthday! (Did you get yourself anything special?)

Cookie said...

Happy Birthday!

Josh isn't the only one.

Batya said...

Happy Birthday Mom!!!