Sunday, November 25, 2007

Knitting Up A Storm!

Yes, there has been knitting here at Chez Squid but first, an aside to Cygknit.

*I was not taken aback or at all offended, by your comment. It actually helped me to see things in a more balanced light. I have, however, lost your email address due to the great "contact purge" that I performed in the wake of my accidental spamming. If you can email me off-blog, I'd love to reply properly.*

And now, some finished knitting!A hat, scarf and mitt set to match my new grey wool coat.

Socks for Papa Squid. Homespun Blue Faced Leiscester purchased last year at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival. Yes, over a year in the making. They are a little bit big to allow for some felting on his feet.

And, some projects in progress:Teacher scarf. Recipient as yet undetermined. Either Little Squid's classroom teacher, our violin teacher or a colleague of mine.
Hat for Papa Squid as one of his was lost during the great buggie instigated clean-up and the other felted during the same process.
Little Squid's sweater. Which I keep swearing I will finish the front of already. Yes, the yarn for Papa's hat is left over from the center of Little's star.

Also in progress are socks for Mom but I was too lazy to take a picture and she knows what they look like. I promise to photograph them once they are done.


Penny said...

That is what I have to learn. Leaving myself some wiggle room in MY socks for self-induced felting.



I love little squids sweater. :)

Susan said...

Little Squid is quite the designer. Look out Kaffe! I love his use of the colors. And Mike will be easy to find in his new hat.

You get more done! I wish I were just half as quick as you.