Thursday, November 29, 2007

Super Mommy Explained and Some Knitting

All semester, Squidette has been struggling with managing to get her Bat Mitzvah folder into the car for her Wednesday night class. For a while we tried just leaving it in the car and that worked until last week when she met with the Assistant Rabbi. After the meeting, she put it in her back pack and forgot to leave it in the car. Fast forward a week (no class the night before Thanksgiving) and she can't find the folder. Again.

I looked around the living room but I was pretty convinced that it was in the car. After suggesting that Squidette go down to the parking lot to look, I went back to unwinding and let the subject drop. In the morning we tore the car apart, to no avail. So, quietly dripping tears, Squidette got out of the car and went to school. I dropped off Little Squid and set out to my own school.

Actually, I had a meeting to go to at the New York Academy of Medicine over on Fifth Avenue. My intention was to park the car in front of my school and then walk to my meeting which was about a mile or so away. Strangely, however, all the spots in front of the school were taken and I really didn't want to park in back and risk getting into a conversation that would make me late. So, I drove to the meeting, figuring that I'd find a lot nearby. Yeah, right. No such thing in that neighborhood.

Finally, after circling the super block that is Mount Sinai Medical Center, I pulled into their garage and hot footed it a few blocks north for my meeting.

Fast forward through an uneventful meeting. Now, I have my car nearby and am feeling guilty about the missing folder. I should have searched her room the night before says my heart and my brain chirps in "um ... you could go home and look for it." And I did. And I found it. In under 5 minutes. And, because I am a serious geek, I shouted "I AM SUPER MOMMY!" over and over to the empty apartment. Then I called Mike and left a voice mail to that effect. Then I shouted it some more. Then Maria came in and I figured I should stop being such a dork.

Then I called work and determined that they really did not need me for the last two hours of the day. So I sat on the floor by our All-in-one printer and copied the contents of the folder. Page by page.

And then I got back in the car (now clad in jeans instead of my work slacks) and head uptown to this place:
Yup, the new one, just blocks from my next stop -- Knitty City. between the two, my wallet was just a tad lighter.

Then I set out for my usual Wednesday rendezvous with my daughter. And made her VERY happy.

While waiting for her to finish her class, I finished this hat for Papa Squid.
Won't lose him anytime soon.

Mike decided to break out the Futurama Socks yesterday, in honor of the series release on DVD.
After riding to work in them, he has decided that Zoidberg belongs on the left otherwise his tentacles risk getting caught in the bike chain.
Yes, he really did ride to work like that. Just wait until he breaks out the Kang and Kodos socks!


Mary said...

YAY for Super Mommy!

So, what did you get at Knitty City? I've been trying to avoid that place because everything is so very tempting.

knitseashore said...

Glad to see you know how important you are to Squidette. I didn't know how under appreciated my mom was until I had my own house to run. We don't have kids, and I don't know how you Moms do it!!!!

Love Mike's socks, and I laughed about the tentacles in the bike chain!