Saturday, December 22, 2007

I Can Still Embarrass My Mom

Last night I went out with Mom and Lil' Sis. We had a lovely dinner at a Thai Restaurant and then strolled through the Times Square area until showtime.

We performed some family-specific pre-show rituals (with which I will not embarrass my family by sharing) but which I was heartened to see are still intact after all this time. Take note, squidlings, the things that embarrass you about your parents now ... well they will still embarrass you twenty years from now. (Personally, I was all about the ritual, Lil' Sis was the embarrassed one.)

While out on the street, however, I had to snap this shot:

which embarrassed Mom. She was not, however, embarrassed when I put my Dad's just finished sock on my hand and started using it as a puppet. Curious.

(I cannot seem to get that photo off my phone -- my new palm software is not cooperating.)

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Anonymous said...

As irony will have it.. the woman called this morning aka noon when I woke up. Apparently Lil'Sis has a new 12 year old friend to coach.