Tuesday, December 04, 2007

More Clarification Needed

Apparently, I over stepped my bounds as a mother yesterday when I mentioned the "B" word. Squidette was mortified. Apparently, she no longer plays with the Barbies. And, she promised to pack them and their belongings up and give them to her younger cousin.

Now that that's cleared up, I have to show you some of the Barbie clothes. We have the best dressed Barbies in town.

The crocheted dresses were made by my sister and the knit dress and sweater by her Grammy. There are many, many more items, this was just a quick sampling as I dug through the bag looking for more mittens (found 2 pair) and socks (found 3 pair).

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Ina said...

Love the glam evening gowns - trains, bustles - wow!