Tuesday, December 11, 2007


While home yesterday morning, I finished Mom's socks and the "teacher" scarf. Later in the evening, I made headway on finishing Little Squid's sweater. The pieces are now lightly steam blocked and the front and back sewn together. The ends of the sun are hidden and the neck is knit. Since tonight is a late night, it is unlikely that there will be any more progress on it. Look for a finished sweater this weekend.

Little Squid's Sweater
Teacher scarf on a not so willing model
Mom's socks on the hands of the same model
And then there is my dad's first sock. Did I mention he has size 13 feet? I might actually get to the heel today, what with the middle school tour and the usual Tuesday shuffle. I'm feeling less nervous about the yardage but I'll let you know for sure once I turn the heel.


Cookie said...

Just wait till the teen years. Then you'll see unwilling. ;^)

Susan said...

What a productive AND snuggly day! Your dad's socks are going to be fabulous!