Thursday, December 06, 2007

Teens Knittng: Blanket Number 3

While I was inculcating 3 more newbies, and teaching cabling, purling and sock knitting to some "older" knitters, a few young ladies were organizing this:
There are actually enough blocks for 1.5 blankets so we are well on our way to number 4.

The blocks are now neatly stacked and bagged in my office, waiting for me to attach them all. I put two big ones together earlier and hope to do a few each day before I leave work. Whatever is left on the 21st will come home for finishing over the break. Yes, I will wash the blanket before we donate it. Promise!


Susan said...

You must be really proud of them. What a great bunch of squares. And btw, be proud of yourself too. A lot of folks just wouldn't want to be bothered with an activity like this. You truly are making a major impact

Ina said...

Blanket 3 is looking good! Hooray for the knitters!!

knittin'_kitten said...

Wow! Great Job Knitters!!!