Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What I did ...

Thank you all for your wishes for a good day. The concert was, as my last post put it, awesome! I was a very proud Mama and kvelled as compliments were piled on me and mine.

After the concert I attended the holiday party (the publishing party has been pushed off until after the state ELA exams) and schmoozed with the teacher and other parents. Then I left the school with lots of time, and no plan.

My purse was packed with everything I needed for an ideal day (except a book -- it was too big) and I set off toward the West Side, figuring that at the very least, I would get a nice walk in and hang around a neighborhood that I have not done to death ala the Upper East Side.

As I ambled toward Central Park, I stopped to take photos here and there and, as I approached the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I thought about "doing" a museum. Nah, not as much fun as with a friend. That, however, set my brain whirring through things that I might not do on a regular basis but could do alone. By the time I hit the Great Lawn, I had it. A movie! Ah, but what movie? Everything I have seen in the last year or so has been animated or Harry Potter. We don't, as a general rule, "do" movies. Exiting the park, I started looking for buses and their ads. Then I hit on it, the Will Smith movie. Yup, could not think of the name of it. Bought a newspaper, found the name -- I Am Legend -- found a couple of theaters playing it. Debated walking back to the east side and then having to skip lunch, then settled for a huge theater on the West Side. Had a lovely lunch at Ollie's and then knit my way through the movie.

Loved it! I am not a horror movie kind of gal but I would not really classify this as horror. I have not read the book so I had no preconceptions and was able to enjoy it for it's own sake. I laughed, I cried, and I gasped. The set dressing was, as my son would say, awesome.
After the movie, I wandered by Knitty City to confirm that Pearl has the color cards for the yarn I want to use for Squidette's blanket and she will special order for me. Yes, I could get it on line for cheaper but I'd rather give my local shop the business.

Then, on to do some more window shopping. (Yup, only asked a question at Knitty City, didn't spend any money -- she'll get quite enough on this blanket!) As I was heading back east, Squidette called, a bit earlier then I expected, and I hustled back east for our usual Tuesday, pre Hebrew School, meet up.
She and I had hot chocolate and pastry at a local bagel shop and then I traded her for Little Squid and a nice dinner at the diner.

And there you have it. Home at last and almost ready to go to bed.


Debbie, I am not sure what I was looking for in that post -- my brain is quite mushy tonight. I know I spent a lot of time looking for the watch repair kit that I got him and we did debate several time keeping options before settling on the binary clock. The clock was chosen, mainly, because he could not wear it. *grin* As for his grandfathers and their watches, he will most likely get the only one still in existence that belonged to my father-in-law but Mike is still cherishing it as his own right now. As for my dad well ... he's got three grandsons and two sons so I suspect it might be a tough call. For now he is still wearing his watches and I hope that continues for a good long time!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like it was an awesome day. That movie is on my to watch list, glad you give it a "go."


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. I love the picture you took of Greywacke Arch.

Little Squid and I could have a good time talking about the love of watches. LOL There are some very interesting watches out there in the world.

But Little Squid is lucky to be getting so many --- I'm only getting one for Christmas. ;-)

Susan said...

Nothing like a perfect day! Glad you had the chance.