Monday, January 21, 2008

Knitting Injury

Knitter down! Seems I set my goals a little too high this weekend and between trying to surpass them and no obligations, I seem to have given myself a repetitive stress injury to my "throwing" finger. Boo. Maybe Squidette's new hat will not be finished today.

Injuries aside, I had, indeed, set myself goals, not just for the weekend, but for the week. The plan was to knit a minimum of 12 long rows per day (or 3X as many short ones once I split for the back) on the vest. Then, 8 rows per day minimum on Squidette's blanket. The hat got started last night when my brain could no longer process knitting instructions. The hat is all knit. That's probably where I did myself in.

Fear not -- just the act of typing this post seems to have loosened up the joint a bit but I won't push it. No knitting until after breakfast. And then ... maybe some spinning instead.


Susan said...

Uh oh! Maybe it will rest up at work today and be good to go this evening.

Kristen said...

Oooh, sorry about the finger. With a bit of a rest, and movement for alternative activities, hopefully it will be ready for more knitting action soon.

Ina said...

Ow, take good care! (Rest, ice, compression, elevation???)

Anonymous said...

Bugger! Hope you are feeling better soon. Maybe a little anti-inflammatory (Aleve) would help.

Cat said...

OH No!!! Now you rest that finger today so you can continue on.