Thursday, January 17, 2008

Now You See It ...

Later you won't. I was getting nervous about the amount of yarn I had left and then took what was there and wrapped it around me. It's too big. So, I am ripping and will reknit on a smaller needle. (That's how Oberle resizes this vest.) Yup, I am reknitting. Promise!


Judith said...

Very nice! And economical to reknit:twice the knitting for the same yarn cost!

I've cast on my vest 3 times and ripped back twice. When you're knitting late at night, it's easy to lose track of which row you're on and whether to knit front or back of the stitches.

I'm a very loose knitter, and finally got gauge with a size 1 needle. Then I realized that meant I needed a size 00 for the border, which I'm not sure is available in a circular. So I decided to just use my 1 for the border, go up to 2 for the body, and hope for the best. If that doesn't look good, rip back, cast on fewer stitches for the border, and increase.

Ina said...

Frogging can be very satisfying, I find. Do you re-condition the yarn? If so, will you blog the process, purty please??