Saturday, January 12, 2008

Squid on Wheels -- Starting out in 2008

We had absolutely no intention of going for a ride today. Squidette had band practice and then both squidlings were supposed to have a violin recital rehearsal with the accompanist but she had to cancel. The cancellation put a crimp in our dinner plans since Papa Squid and the squidlings were going to pick up sandwiches on their way back from the rehearsal. The only solution to our dinner problem? To ride down to the sandwich store, Pane Peppe. And Chocolate Haven. And The Birdbath. And H&H (we were out of bagels).

The fates, however, were working against us. Just as Papa moved his bike into the corridor, he noticed a flat tire. 15 minutes later, the tube was replaced and we got ready to go and ... he had another flat (same tire).

Defying the fates, the Squidlings and I headed out anyway and got as far as the elevators. Where we waited. And waited. And waited. I think we had to let at least half a dozen elevators go by before all three of us made it to the lobby.

Once on the streets, however, it was relatively smooth sailing with a brief stop to admire this shark fin.

See the Squid?!!!

As we concluded our first errand, the sandwiches, we noticed a strange site on the other side of the street. Papa Squid! We did it, we defeated the fates!

Sandwiches, chocolate and pastries procured, we turned back north and hit an incredible head wind. The ride up to H&H was brutal and by the time we arrived our fingers were very cold.

The return ride? Took about 2 minutes. Take a vicious head wind and turn it into a tail wind and voila! we were home.
9.6 miles. Not bad for a windy day in January.


Sarah said...

Sounds like fun! Good for you Squids getting out on the bikes in January!

Kristen said...

Squids appear to be everywhere if you look closely enough.
Riding into the wind is the worst -well, if you don't count freezing fingers and toes, bugs in the mouth, soaking in sweat, heartbreak hills, falling...But we love biking, right?!

Anonymous said...

mmmm...H&H bagels. Mr. Ken is from NY, and we have bagels from H&H shipped overnight via DHL every couple of months. There's just no comparison with the bagels out here.

(That and cheesecake from S&S - they ship overnight too!)

We took bikes in for tune-ups yesterday; it'll soon be nice for riding!

/Diann (

Cat said...

WAAAAAHHH!!!! I miss H&H WAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! Please enjoy a garlic bagel for me.

Anonymous said...

bagels... *sigh* lucky squids..

sounds like a great day. One of my favourite things to do (before my body had other plans for me) was to go out on nice long runs (10+ miles) the first weeks of January... it always set a great mood for the year.

Anonymous said...

The shark fin is a very cool piece of sculpture. What is it there for?

Susan said...

I like the shark fin and as for the shops, I'll have a #9, and chocolate pretzels and a blueberry bagel to go. :-)