Friday, January 18, 2008


Today was the last day of the semester. Need I say more?

I worked through my day, made sure that all is ready for testing on Tuesday (nice alliteration there) and left early to pick up Little Squid and take him to his audition.

The audition, according to Little Squid, went well. He was asked if he was Squidette's brother which, when I think about it, can only help. Hey, if they remembered her from last summer ... And, he thinks he played well. Time will tell.

This was not for NYSSMA but was for the Manhattan School of Music summer program. The same program that Squidette was in last summer. She had a wonderful time and grew and matured so much that I barely recognized her at the end of the summer despite seeing her every day.

To unwind from the rigors of the week, I spent much time this evening surfing Etsy and wound up splurging on lots of handmade stitch markers. I really wanted a yarn crawl but recognized that I still have more yarn then I can realistically knit through in a couple of years and limited storage space. Stitch markers are small and relatively inexpensive. I'll show them off once they arrive.

Now on to a 3 day weekend. Woo Hoo!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the 3-day weekend.

Can't wait to see the stitch markers.

Anonymous said...

Ooops, forgot to add ---- good luck to Little Squid.

Susan said...

3 day weekend? that's just not fair! Go Little Squid. I did send some positive thoughts your way yesterday from work. They weren't exactly musical as I thought my discordant sounds would certainly confuse all. Good luck to you!

Cookie said...

Been thinking about the littlest Squid and hoping for the best.

I cannot believe it's the end of the semester already. Didn't school just start? /ducks

Enjoy your long weekend!

Anonymous said...

Glad little squid's audition went well. ... stitch markers are fun ...

enjoy the weekend.