Thursday, January 03, 2008

Working Out

By now, most readers know that I am an avid bicyclist. I do not get to indulge my passion as much as I would like due to family obligations, but I do it when I can. One of the reasons I like to cycle is because, when using it to commute, it doesn't feel like exercise. Instead, it is a means of getting from here to there and hence frees up time instead of using time.

Before Squidette was born, I rode my bike to work almost every day. I was doing about 7 miles a day and enjoyed it immensely. After she was born, I took public transportation with her to my mother-in-law's place and then rode my bike the remaining two miles to work. This continued until I conceived Little Squid. That was it. For the first few months after I returned to work, the weather was too cold and snowy to ride. Then I got a car.

Fast forward to today. I have ridden my bike to work less then a dozen times since. These rare rides are usually in August or June, before and after the kids have school. I'd love to go back to those days but as long I am serving as child-transport, it won't happen.

Instead, I get my exercise by riding the trainer bike on the weekends and during school breaks. This past break I rode the trainer every day and did weights for a few days.

Mike is pushing me to work out more after work. He thinks it will be good for me for a number of reasons that I will not go into now. Up until now, I have preferred to use my precious evening time knitting but I had to acknowledge that his reasoning was sound. So last night I did it. I didn't ride, but I did do my arm weights and hope to do my leg weights tonight. How long do you think I can keep this up?

I like the way I look when my arms are toned. Actually, I love the way I look when my arms are toned and muscular. Yeah, I think I'll keep this up. And as for the knitting? I did get the heel flap and turn done on Lil' Sis's second sock last night ...


Dee said...

Steve and I started at a gym six months ago --- I haven't seen a muscle in 25 years (since the "baby" was born). Now -- I'm being to see definition of muscle. You're right -- toned arms rock!

Now ... if I could just get my butt to play along!

Cookie said...


I think you can stick with it because it's not like you're playing with weights all night long. Right?

Kristen said...

Oh for the warm lazy days of summer when you can hop on the bike whenever.
I'm trying to keep up with indoor exercise for now - weights every other day, stability/flexibility, and, once the Christmas tree is out of the living room, back to the trainer.

Cat said...

Oh Hon knitting LOL and family tend to get in the way of life sometimes doesn't it? Good for you though in taking that step.


Susan said...

I think I can remember muscles and toned arms. Go you!

Josh said...

I am a huge fan of the after-work workout. It seems to give that boost of energy and confidence for the peak evening hours.