Friday, February 15, 2008

Expensive Tastes

Life just got more expensive around here.

Let me explain ...

For many years, Mike and his Mom had a couple of subscriptions to series at Carnegie Hall. When Mom died, I inherited her half of the subscription and learned just how wonderful live classical music can be.

Last year saw one night when Mike was not feeling well. Instead of going alone or selling the ticket, I took Squidette. We saw Sarah Chang and Squidette was entranced. We only stayed for half of the show, but that was enough.

Last week, when Mike was too sick to go, I once again took Squidette and she, once again, had a great time.

So ... when it looked like we might not have childcare lined up for last night's concert by Joshua Bell, we spoke to the kids and then purchased two more tickets. One set, the subscription, was in the "orchestra," the other ... in the next to last row of the uppermost balcony.

Little Squid joined me, way up high, so that he would have an unobstructed view. (I was the chosen parent because Papa Squid is afraid of heights and I love my husband.) From the first note to the last, Little Squid was entranced. He was even humming one of the themes as we walked to the subway afterwards.

No more will we be able to buy just two tickets for Carnegie. From now on, our subscriptions will be for four.


I can now honestly say that there is no difference in sound quality from the first seats in the hall and the last seats in the hall. But the experience is still vastly different. Our tickets WILL be down low!


peninah said...

How wonderful! will you adopt me? ;)

Dee said...

My DS is a music NUT -- took him to see Philadelphia Orchestra and he was hooked ---

one bassoon --- $13,000
Set of tympani --- (free - they were the school's)
vibraphone ---(free from a friend)
Set of chorus bells ($125.00)
Snare drum ($125.00)
Love of music --- priceless

Cookie said...

How wonderful!

I guess you know where that raise money will be going now. ;^)

StringPlay said...

Oh! Joshua Bell, my favorite. A wonderful use of money.