Saturday, March 22, 2008

From Mini-Me to Oh My!


This Morning


Oh, and did I mention that she is playing with the New York Pops, at Carnegie Hall, at the end of April?


Cookie said...


She really is blossoming into a beautiful young lady.

Mary said...

Oh my, indeed!

What a wonderful new haircut!

Dave Daniels said...

That's a great style for her.
And CONGRATULATIONS on the Carnegie gig! That is SO awesome.

Susan said...

Oh my...she grew up in minutes, it seems. I love the new hairstyle. And I am soooooooooo impressed about the Carnegie performance. I think it should be on PBS so I can see and hear too!

Anonymous said...

Her new haircut is VERY flattering. It makes her look so grown up.

Congratulations on the Pops! You must be so proud.

penny said...

my goodness! squidette, you look beautiful. never be ashamed of your curls. It took me many years to love mine and now i'm happy I do.

that is soo exciting to play carnegie! it's one thing I never was able to do.. we only played alice tully when I was part of my youth orchestra.

however, i need advice on what to wear to carnegie as a concert go-er. my youth orchestra is playing there again this year for their big gala (since alice tully is under renovation) and I don't know what to wear if i'm not *IN* the orchestra.

Kristen said...

Oh to have such beautiful hair! I bet it is easier to care for, too.

Ina said...

Oh my and wow!

So, how does one get to Carnegie Hall?