Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Squid on Wheels: A Minor Ride

We set out with a bold itinerary. We were going to ride all the way north, futz around Inwood Park for a while, check out the sights at High Bridge Park and then meander our way home. Squidette wanted to go fast!(No, not in Chinatown, rather, around 140th Street by the railroad tracks.)

Once mounted and pedaling, however, she realized that the preceding late nights had robbed her of the ability to go fast and so we just rode up to the Little Red Light House and back -- 17 miles.

Maybe we'll try again tomorrow or Friday.


Sarah said...

You Squids have endurance and speed!! Love those pics, especially the spring blossoms.

Kristen said...

Sheesh! 17 miles is nothing to sneeze at!