Monday, May 26, 2008

Hello London!

If anyone reading this blog got here via the url flashed in the telectroscope this morning, (evening or afternoon to you) please leave a comment.(That's Little Squid's back (identified by his bike helmet).)

For the rest of my readers ...

We took off to visit the telectroscope when it was, hopefully, less crowded then it was yesterday.

In large letters, we flashed the url of this blog to the watchers across the pond and did some waving of our own. Then, we took off to find a mid-morning snack at the Farirway in Red Hook.

(But first, I paused to take some nice pictures of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge - now 125 years old.)
On the way home we rode over the Brooklyn Bridge and, while Mike was waiting for the rest of us, encountered a fellow Bike Friday devote in the middle of the bridge.
Four FridaysFour Squid

For today's ride, I was equipped with a new saddle -- named "the seat," and Little Squid was riding Squidette's old mount, the Specialized Dolce. The ride was intended to be a "try it out" kind of ride for both of us. I was sold on the saddle almost immediately after mounting, if only because my tender areas from yesterday were not being sat upon. Now I have new tender areas but they are less bothersome then the traditional ones. (Basically, my sit bones are a bit bruised instead of ... well, you know.Little Squid was a bit apprehensive and a little put out that he no longer "fit in" with those of us on folding bikes. Add to that the fact that this bike has a cross bar -- and that he came in contact with it, once, he ended up a bit resistive to the change. New handlebars, brake levers and shifters have been ordered to customize it a bit more to his liking so, hopefully, in a week or two he will be happy with his new ride.


penny said...

Tell me more about this seat! I think part of why I don't ride much is my seat hurts.

Glad to hear of a wonderful sunny bike-filled weekend! :)

Susan said...

Oh I do hope they find you! How fun would that be? And congrats on the new seat. I just hope Little Squid becomes as fond of his new ride.