Sunday, May 04, 2008

Knitting Right Along

The blanket is growing ...

The flower is finished and I am now working on the endless expanse of yellow before the orange border.

Look closely ...
See that green line? That is where I am going to have to cut.

Gauge is a harsh mistress and I blew the row gauge. That or it stretched. Hey. With something this long, that is definetly a possibility. Regardless, I have to eliminate 4 repeats, or roughly a ball of yarn, from the top.

The plan:

1. knit the bottom section to the newly calculated number of lace repeats.

2. carefully put all stitches from the top orange section on a very long needle.

3. carefully detach the orange from the top yellow and join it to the bottom with a 3-needle bind off.

4. carefully unravel the top section of yellow after snipping it a row or two above the safety line (which I do not trust on the lace sections).

5. pick up all of the stitches on the safety line.

6. knit a new orange top on to the picked up stitches.

7. Do all required duplicate stitch work to give the flower some definition.

8. Hide ends.

All before June 21. Or maybe before my original completion date of June 2? Yeah, right.

I'm not even attempting to calculate a new completion date. I did very little knitting this past week and, despite knocking off 20 rows yesterday, do not figure on getting lots done this week.


Cookie said...

Oh no!

At least, you have a plan, yes?


Sarah said...

Oh my! Good luck with that! Yes, good thing you have a plan :-)

Susan said...

oh my gosh! Well, if anyone can do all that, and in such a short time, it's you.