Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Second Day of Vacation

Today was a little different then yesterday, mainly because we wanted to get out of the apartment while Maria cleaned.

So, after taking the kids to camp (via automobile, not bicycle) we came home and, after dropping the car off for service, took to the streets on foot. Walking toward the Bowery, in search of soda syrup, we passed many historical places -- but I only took this photo.The Amato Opera Company on the left and the former CBGBs on the right.

We did not find soda syrup but did stop at the greenmarket on our way home and got lots of yummy vegetables for dinner. Lunch at the diner and some quiet time at home brought us to the end of our afternoon. Mike went to get the kids and I went to get the car.

As I walked uptown, I noticed this view. On the left, the New York Times building with it's ladder like facade and on the right, the Empire State Building. I'm sure that the Empire State Building is taller but at this angle, it actually looks puny.

KnittyOtter asked what my knitting plans were for the summer. To answer simply, finishing.

I have several projects that just need binding off or end hiding or assembly. So, I am going to attempt to finish a project a day for a few days. Today's project: Girly Girl Cycling Socks (not their real name, I can't find the pattern right now).
I also intend to knit these socks as my Tour de France Knit-along project. I figure that since the Tour is all about finishing then these combined with my "finishing" projects should suffice for a Green Jersey. Also in the planning stage, but slated to be finished before the end of the summer, a shrug for Squidette to wear over her too revealing dress on her special day in September.

Yes, Squidette's blanket is in the finishing queue, but only when the weather cools off or I get too cold from the air conditioning.


Kristen said...

Lucy Neatby's bicycle socks are the perfect choice for the KAL!

Mary said...

How much do you *love* vacation!

Fabulous Girly, Girly Socks!

Susan said...

I would have commented sooner but I sorta got lost in Ms. Neatby's site. :) Those are just perfect socks for you. I can't wait to see them in all their glory.

KnittyOtter said...

Those Bicycle socks are too cute! :D

I think Finishing stuff up is a very noble cause. I gotta get on that myself... one of these days.