Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Ironing! (Checked that the smudge on Mike's shirt is covered by tie and that Little Squid's Khaki's are still long enough.)
Matched my outfits with shoes and jewelry! (Wearing same pendant Friday as Squidette is wearing on Saturday. Unless the stuff Mom brings with her Saturday morning looks better.)
Bought backup hair monsters (octopus clips) for Squidette ... just in case.
Painted toenails!!! (Almost forgot this one. Good thing I put a reminder on my phone.)

Oh yeah, also did a run through of the services at synagogue with Rabbis and other family. Chose shoes for Friday based on the fact that I do not want to tower over the other mother. She's tiny.

Also went to work and did work-type stuff, including discovering that at least 20 of the new 8th grade science text books were bound upside down. D'oh! I'll call for exchanges once I finish figuring out how many are duds.

Got a call from a friend offering to take me out to the movies tonight. Really sweet! My to do list, however, was far to long ...

Mike got maintenance to come and fix the shower so we are no longer smelly squid. (O.k., we really weren't too smelly with only one day without showers but you get the idea.

No pictures because I have no computer ... yes, it is truly gone. New hard drive will be ordered soon. Thankfully any important documents created recently are all in google docs. Glad I started migrating over to that. Many pictures are on line in my Picasa album so not all were lost.

In other words ... I'm over my whine. But don't get me started on my auto insurance company ...


Penny said...

{{HUGS}} give a holler if I can help out tomorrow afternoon or early Friday.

Susan said...

ohhhh I'm so sorry about the computer. I need to do something with the pics on mine. I used to keep 'important' ones on Yahoo but that went byebye.

knitseashore said...

Hugs and best wishes to Squidette and all the squids! She looks amazingly beautiful in her dress and shrug. You must be one proud Mama Squid.

Anonymous said...

Oh no ... you aren't still battling with them for when the crane hit your car, are you?

Insurance people ... they can drive you INSANE!

Best wishes next week. We'll be waiting on plenty of pictures.