Saturday, September 13, 2008

To Do

Honest to goodness, this is the to do list that is currently on my Palm pilot for today. (Names have been changed to protect the innocent.) I will strike out the completed items, periodically, as I return home to drop of packages and such. It is almost entirely in preparation for next weekend.

Will it all get done?

Sat. Sept 13

To Do / Get

cake decorating store
back to school shopping - me! only got one outfit
Socks so the girls can shed their heels at the party -- got really funky ones
lip gloss she's growing up ...
water proof mascara yes, I'm a big sap
mousse to hold Squidette's hair in place
books The Great Gatsby in the correct edition for Squidette's English class
pay for bus just have to mail it
thank note
Little Squid haircut
stamps need many more for thank you notes
pay bills
iron Little Squid's shirts and khakis
hem Little Squid's suit pants obnoxious kid slimmed down! Hem is a little awkward because I made it really deep hoping to get a few more wearings out of it.
tell Little Squid not to grow for another 3 weeks - not until after Yom Kippur
CD's for car!!!
yea, like that's not going to happen
laundry and did some lace knitting while it dried
art essay
call Aunt re: cousin in TX left message, keeping fingers crossed


Whole Foods


Cookie said...

I think you can do it. Although, I wonder if it might not be faster/better if you were to just teach the Little Squid how to iron. ;^)

Sorry, Little Squid! Just thinking about making your Momma's day easier!


Susan said...

Whew! Lots got crossed out! And probably things got added too. Deep breaths!