Friday, October 17, 2008

Shameless Begging

As you know, I recently started at a new (to me) school. This is a school with a whole lot of potential and ... no knitting club.

A few of the girls are knitting -- one of the nearby after school programs is teaching it -- which has set the stage. More want to learn. One of our teachers approached me about starting up a knitting club and I'm all ready to jump right in. Except ...

When I left my old school, I donated all of the supplies to the middle school in the same building. I had no place to store them over the summer and it was the only solution at the time. And it was a good one since I had no way to know where I would wind up and, if I would be able to start another club. The school that receive the supplies had an active knitting club and will use the materials well.

Well, here I am in a new place and the need for this kind of club is acute. The kids want a creative outlet and we can provide it -- it a little bit of help.

I plan on doing some shopping this weekend -- inexpensive needles and the cheapest yarn I can find. The teacher who approached me is doing some corporate level begging while I am doing it the "old fashioned" way. Reaching out to you, my readers.

If you have yarn that is looking for a new home or needles that you have set aside in favor of flashier ones ... we can provide a good place for them.

If you can help, please contact me via the email address in the sidebar and I will provide mailing information.

For all of your help in the past, and for anything that comes in now, I thank you!


As a general rule, I try to keep work out of the blog. Since this is not an anonymous endeavor, I have to be careful. My identity is out there -- as is the identity of my new school and the old one. There will be no stories of the kids -- I can't go there -- except to share things that make the news anyway (and only in a positive way).


Dave Daniels said...

This is perfect timing! I'm cleaning out some of my excess books, needles, etc. and I'd be happy to donate. :)

Susan said...

I'm sure there is some yarn here with your name on it *G*. Can you use dpns with those rubber stopper thingies on the ends as straights? If so I have some metal ones I'd be happy to send. Now if I can just find some rubber stoppers for them.

Penny said...

Yay!! I've been waiting for this. I'll inventory what I have.. and give you a choice. I hate giving you all the acrylic. ;)

we can email about details. I've been waiting for you to post about this... if you want me to do an in person donation i can .. even monday after noon if you just need some yarn asap ...

Paul said...

Hey there!

I have a box of needles and yarn to get to you! I'll even throw in some goodies as well!

Dave Daniels said...

My box is in the mail to you. Take what you want for yourself, pass along the rest. :)